Harmonic and balanced firearm of great formal elegance and simplicity. Point of light and heat, its central location makes it a separator and integrating element of space.

His characteristic folding and independent crystal system |concepte Up&Down| further favors his stylized circular design.

The AUTHOR RANGE of Fugar Fireplaces points towards the personalization of an exclusive design. We incorporate design into the space, we create a visual and emotional balance and harmony with the decoration, furniture, architecture and landscape.

The METALLIC DESIGN CHIMNEYS are unique and singular models with an excellent aesthetic finish and high technical and functional properties. They are fireplaces with avant-garde and contemporary lines, which have as an added value the adaptation of height and location through customizable elements.

In this line we reinvent the concept of traditional fireplace. Each piece becomes a decorative element of the first order, as well as being a point of light and heat. The decoration of the site stands as a unique and authentic protagonist.